Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We all know why Shop To Earn is a timely business opportunity, but now here’s proof. An article from highlights 65 direct selling companies with annual revenue of $100 million or more. Read on for a summary of the article and pass this on to your Shop To Earn referrals.

In an attempt to record the power of the direct selling industry, has compiled a list of the world’s top direct selling companies in terms of annual revenue. Despite the downturn in the economy, the numbers are a telltale sign that the direct sales industry is here to stay. It’s impressive, a number of the companies listed show not only an increase in sales but record breaking sales in 2008.

Companies mentioned in the direct sales article include Mary Kay, Avon, Monavie, and Herbalife, all which are product-based, multi-level-marketing companies where representatives must carry product and overhead. Not Shop To Earn! Shop To Earn is an e-commerce opportunity where representatives do not have to sell one product or service, they have access to thousands of our favorite traditional retailers and over 10,000 eco conscious products on the Earth portal. Shop To Earn representatives simply shop through their online shopping mall, refer others to shop online and save money, and make money while doing it!



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