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Essential oils for non-invasive therapeutic uses cover the span of unlimited health issues.

Essential Oil Protocol for Autism by Ruby Gibson

I put this protocol together for a family whose 6-year old son, Bryson, was beginning to display signs of Autism after receiving a bundled immunization of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). Bryson’s symptoms included loss of concentration, inability to make eye contact, blank stare, irritability, being uncooperative, lessened vocabulary and self-soothing rocking. His response to this protcol was so positive that I have decided to include it in Message Scent for other families who have children with autism. Please note that this does not replace the care of a health professional, and please adjust for individual needs, lifestyle and behaviors.
PROTOCOL With this protocol it is very important to double Bryson’s intake of water to help flush out the toxins. Eliminate all white sugar and white flour products. Use agave, honey or stevia instead of processed sugar. Reduce consumption of meat and dairy, and be sure to have him eat lots of organic fresh fruit and raw veggies, like carrot sticks and celery. Lots of unsweetened juice. NO soda, NO ice cream, NO microwaved food, and NO artificial sweetners like ASPARTAME. This cleansing protocol will take from 4-6 months. Be sure to track any changes you notice and stay in touch. We want to eliminate the toxins slowly, so his system does not get overwhelmed. Also, my friend, Carl Janicek, recommended the homeopathic remedy THUJA - 6c or 12c - as an anti-sycotic miasm remedy, but he recommends muscle testing Bryson with it first to be sure it is the correct remedy. You can use this in conjunction with the essential oil protocol below if you choose to use the THUJA.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Brain Power essential oil blend can be applied at the base of Bryson’s head on the occipital ridge, and on the back of his neck. It is also good to apply on temples and around ears, but be sure to keep away from eyes! Apply 2-4 drops daily, once in the morning and once at night. It will help with concentration, focus, and for detoxing the nerve receptors in the brain. Many of the oils in this blend contain high sesquiterpene compounds that have been shown to increase oxygen around receptor sites around the pineal glands, pituitary, and hypothalamus. For brain fog, you can apply a drop on your thumb and put on the roof of his mouth and hold for a moment. This will get the Brain Power directly into his system quickly. (Although it doesn’t taste great and he may complain that it tastes yucky! You can always follow with a teaspoon of honey). Valor is for grounding, strengthening and balancing the energetic and electrical systems of his body, enhancing internal resources. Apply to Bryson’s feet in the evening before sleep to settle him down, or to relax on a stressful day (good for adults too!). It’s good when things feel overwhelming. The affirmation to use with this oil is, “I come from my strength.” JuvaCleanse is a blend for liver detoxification. It is rather strong, and most adults take 3-10 drops in water daily for liver cleansing. But for someone Bryson’s age, it would be better to apply 3-5 drops to the bottom of his feet once a day. Rub in thoroughly. The three oils in this blend will help to support normal liver function, to chelate heavy metals that have stored in his liver, and to help his body more easily process toxins he is eliminating. It takes about 15 minutes for any essential oil applied topically to make its way through the body.

Thieves This a blend to strengthen the immune system. The oils are highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious. Good for your entire family as natural antibiotic support. Apply 5-8 drops topically on Brysons’s feet when he begins to feel a flu or cold coming on. More for adults, less for children. You can also put a couple drops in a small glass of warm water and gargle with it to ease a sore throat. This oil can be taken internally, so be sure to swallow the water after you gargle. And you can apply topically over swollen glands to support the lymphatic system. This oil has a warming sensation from the cinnamon and clove oils, and it can be irritating to sensitive skin, so blend with a carrier oil if needed, especially for young children (see note below). Oregano is a single oil that may help respiratory infections, digestion problems, balance metabolism, viral and bacterial pneumonia, respiratory system problems, and strengthen the vital centers. Best taken in capsules. It is fantastic to eliminate colds and flus when taken internally. Use in this Antibiotic Recipe by Dr. Terry Friedmann: Place 9 drops Thieves, 6 drops Oregano and 3 drops Frankincense in a OO capsule, and take 2 caps twice a day for adults. For Bryson half the dose, or if he can’t swallow capsules, apply oil to his feet and then cover with socks for immune system support.

Important Note: If you get essential oils in the eyes or mucous membrane areas, it might sting or burn temporarily. If this does happen, apply a few drops of a good quality vegetable carrier oil, such as olive, almond, apricot seed oil, jojoba, (NO canola oil), around the eyes or place of irritation. This will dilute the action of the essential oil and reduce irritation within a moment or two. Do not apply water, as it will increase the action of the essential oil. MultiGreens is a whole food supplement that will helps to keep Bryson’s pH in a balanced state (which is absolutely necessary for effective detoxing), to bring greens into the blood stream for cleansing and energy, and as a chelator of heavy metals. This nutritious chlorophyll formula is designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems to relieve stress, and promote energy metabolism and glucose utilization. It is recommended by Carl to take a capsule of the VitaGreen and mix into Bryson’s food AFTER cooking, or best is to put the VitaGreen in water or juice and have him drink it if he can handle the flavor. I like it, but he may need to enjoy it in applesauce, etc. It will help pull mercury and other heavy metals from his tissues and into the blood stream for elimination.
K & B is a tincture to assist Bryson’s kidneys while eliminating the heavy metals/mercury. It is formulated to nutritionally support normal kidney function. See directions on bottle, and half for a child dose. If you can have him drink it daily in juice, milk or water, that is best. Additionally, it is important to do all this on a daily basis to be effective, AND take one day a week off for Bryson’s body to rest and integrate, and do not take supplements or oils on this day.

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